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Standard 5mmŲ Nozzle
Standard 5mmŲ Nozzle
HSK23D / HSK23DE Extrusion Welder
HSK23D / HSK23DE Extrusion Welder
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HSK12D / HSK12DE Extrusion Welder
HSK12D / HSK12DE Extrusion Welder

HSK 100 Hot Air Welder
HSK 100 Hot Air Welder

HSK23D / HSK23DE Extrusion Welder
HSK23D / HSK23DE Extrusion Welder

HSK10 Extrusion Welder
HSK10 Extrusion Welder

7mm Triangular Speed Welding Tip
7mm Triangular Speed Welding Tip

Welcome to LYBINA


Phone: +61 (0)3 9761 7544

Fax: +61(0)3 9761 7455

Since our Companies foundation in 2003 it has been our single goal to produce the best possible Australian sourced and manufactured welding rods for sale and use in the Australian and International Plastic Fabrication industries.

LYBINA Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and operated where practical gives preference to and supports Australian suppliers of raw materials for use in our products.

LYBINA Pty Ltd has grown to include a comprehensive range of plastic welding equipment, LYBINA Pty Ltd predominatly sources from German manufacturers who source and build locally, thus ensuring German quality and strenght built in.

LYBINA Pty Ltd has a long history with all common methods of Plastic Fabrication and Welding Techniques and our manager has acquired over 24 years practical experience in nearly all facets of Industrial Welding and Fabrication at both the Factory and Field Plastic Welding methods. He has applied his acquired knowledge into the continued development of premium grade welding rods and the import of world standard plastic welding machines to benefit you with cost effective hi performance weld rod and welding machines; which helps decrease your fabrication time, reduce work related fatigue and increase your bottom line returns.

If there is an application that requires a specific polymer or a custom colour or shape that is not listed in our standard welding rod range, feel free to contact us and we will be only too happy to assist you in getting you fabricating with your own cost effective alternative.




Credit Card facilities are now available.

LYBINA's Products and Services:

  • LYBINA Pty Ltd has over 20 years experience in the supply, hire and reparation of various types of plastic welding equipment.
  • Australian Manufacturer of Plastic Welding Rods in ABS, PVC, CPVC, HD/MDPE, PP.
  • Hand (Hot Air) Welding and Extrusion Plastic Welding Machinery and accessories
  • Butt Welder and Electrofusion Machines - Sales and Service
  • Plastic Pipe Line welding subsequent tools and consumables

LYBINA supplies, hires and repairs thermoplastic welding equipment. Our range of equipment includes: -
Hot Air Welding Guns and Accessories
Hot Air Tools
Extruder Welders
Roofing Hot Air Equipment
Flooring Hot Air Equipment
Tarpaulin and Marquee Hot Air Equipment
Wedge Welders
Socket Fusion Hand Held Equipment and Machines
Butt Fusion Hand Held Equipment and Machines
Spark Testing Equipment
Pipe Cutters and Other Tools
Our equipment is used in the following industries: -
Thermoplastic Fabrication
Tarpaulin Repair and Manufacture
Marquee Repair and Manufacture
Vinyl Flooring
Civil Engineering and Tunneling (eg. Geomembrane Lining)
Single Ply Roofing
Automotive Component Repairs (eg. Car Bumpers)
Packaging, Activating and Shrinking
Thermoplastic Pipework Installation (eg. Butt and Socket Fusion Welding)
We realise that our customers rely on good servicing of their equipment. This is why we run a complete 'In-House' Repair and Service Facility from our Melbourne works. With a comprehensive range of spare parts we aim to achieve a rapid turn around on repairs.
We offer a quick delivery service on our equipment and spare parts. With our 'On-Site' or 'In-House' Training and Product Demonstrations LYBINA Pty Ltd should be your Single Source Supplier for all your thermoplastic welding equipment and welding rod supplies.

Industry process standards
The industry process standards include all standards used to design and manufacture LYBINA products. Standards include:

  • DVS 2207-3 Hot gas welding of thermoplastic polymers; panels and pipes (HSK)

    DVS 2207-1, 2, 11, 15 Heated tool welding of pipes (Huerner Equipment)

    DVS 2207-4 Welding of thermoplastics; Extrusion welding for panels and pipes (HSK/LYBINA)

    DVS 2211 Pertaining to the dimensional tolerances on HDPE and PP rod used for welding (LYBINA)

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